Tarantino's Obsessions With Where Names Come From

I am a big fan of Tarantino & I have noticed a pattern (in at least three of his movies) where one character wants to to know how the name of another character came about. Can you all think of any more Tarantino movies where he slips in a line about where a name comes from?

Hateful Eight: Six Horse Judy

Six Horse Judy is played by Zoe Bell who plays a person who drives a Six Horse Carriage. In a scene in the movie, a character asks Six Horse Judy where her names comes from and she replies “Oh, I am the only Judy who drives a six horse carriage” (Or something to that effect!)


Django Unchained: Eskimo Joe

Dr. King Schultz: By the way, why is he called Eskimo Joe?

Calvin Candie: Oh, you never know how these nigger nicknames get started. His name was Joe, maybe one day he said he was cold, who knows?


Pulp Fiction: Esmeralda & Butch

Butch: Esmeralda- pretty name. Is that mexican?

Esmeralda: Its spanish but I am colombian. It means Esmeralda of the wolves.

Esmeralda: And what is your name?

Butch: Butch.

Esmeralda: Butch. What does it mean?

Butch: I’m an American, honey. Our names don’t mean shit.

Here is the great scene from Pulp Fiction where the names are discussed: